Join Back the Buidlers a dynamic platform for connecting builders, investors, users and protocols on 9th December 2023.
Join Back the Buidlers a dynamic platform for connecting builders, investors, users and protocols on 9th December 2023.

60 Days of Code

Build Decentralized Apps with Cohort based Programs
Sameer Malik
Co-Founder - Token Amigo
Vishwanadh Akella
CEO - SimplyFI
Kumar Anirudha
Co-Founder - DripVerse
Wilson Bright
Co-Founder - BlockSurvey
Bringing the best web3 ideas to life

Innovate with us: From Idea to Launch

We love Side Projects!

Great ventures often begin as experiments. We go hand in hand with you to nurture these experiments and help them evolve into promising crypto startups
Breaking the mold

Our Modern Innovative Approach

Collaborative Learning

Engage in community-based learning and build alongside ambitious teams for an empowering experience.

Weekly Crypto Rewards

Our approach empowers an unprecedented number of participants to reach their finish line.

Industry Developers as Trainers

Gain knowledge and mentorship from industry pioneers.

Employability Focussed Upskilling

Get industry-ready and boost your chances of getting hired by the top companies.
Unlocking your potential

Your Growth is our Responsibility


Acquire the necessary skills from trainers who are actively building in the industry.

Build Under Guidance

Get mentorship from industry pioneers.


Collaborate with fellow participants and form dynamic teams for optimal results.


Demo your product to investors who take your startup to the next level
Mentors & Peers

Empower your Journey


Gulshan Vasnani

Senior Blockchain Developer at Cryption Network

Avinash Sengar

CTO, CrowdInvest & Ex -

Bharat Ghabrani

Senior FullStack Engineer, Stanley Black & Decker Inc
Mentor - Cohort 1 & 2

Ian Chang

COO & Co-Founder, The Open Application Network & Moves
Mentor - Cohort 1,2 & 3

Akshay Aggarwal

Chief & Co-Founder, Partner at Draper Dragon Fund
Mentor - Cohort 1 & 2

Mathew Spoke

CEO & Co-Founder, The Open Application Network & Moves
Mentor - Cohort 3

Amrit Kumar

Co-Founder & Co-Chief Investment Officer, Zilliqa & Zilliqa Capital
Mentor - Cohort 3

Pranav Sharma

Founding Partner, Woodstock Fund
Mentor - Cohort 3

Yeshu Aggarwal

Co-Founder, Transak
Fueling creativity

Top Voted Ideas Get Grants

$125,000 USD
Grants Received
Championing change

Grant Awardees and Past Projects


Rakesh Raushan

Cohort 2
Flight insurance via smart contract. Pay with crypto, and convert unclaimed delays/cancellations to potential profit.

Sai Laxman

Cohort 3
Connectz empowers content creators by using Social Tokens, enabling them to earn revenue based on community engagement

Divya Singhal

Cohort 2
Feedblock collects genuine reviews with proof. Platform for food blogger and critics to share honest opinons,gain reward
Building Momentum

Success Numbers

Number of projects
Number of participants
Grant awardees / Winners
Proof of work

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Hear From our Previous Participants

With Blockchained India’s 100 Days of Code, I got hands-on experience of how an actual transaction takes place on a blockchain. The course is designed with so much diligence that one will have both theoretical and practical experience while learning this course.
Cohort 1 with Open Application Network
100 days of Code = 100 days of learning. Lots of learning, with loads of fun. The course has a good pace, and with the weekly calls, you learn from everyone in the group. You also re-confirm Google and Youtube as your best friends. Sessions with leaders in the Industry keep you interested.
Prashanth R
Cohort 3 with Zilliqa
The best thing about the 100 Days of Code is that it focuses on establishing a strong foundation unlike other courses that just explain the jargon.
Praveen Vidyavatsu
Cohort 2 with Zilliqa
100 days of code is a robust road map for people who are just entering the blockchain community. The program not only guides the students with the basics, but also the in-depth details of blockchain development and its nuances! The journey is very engaging and also introduces newer radical approaches in blockchain development like open applications. This program is a MUST for college students or people planning to become blockchain developers.
Rohit Kundliwal
Cohort 3 with Zilliqa
It's a great initiative for people who want to explore blockchain and build applications on it. The course is designed in such a way that they teach from the basics and you only have to dedicate one hour every day. I got an opportunity to interact with participants from different backgrounds and also learn from them in this program.
K Naga Tejaswini
Cohort 1 with Open Application Network
Thanks to mentors who helped in clearing doubts and issues faced during project development. Now after completing 100 days of code I'm confident enough to start working as a Blockchain developer.
Nachiket Dharmik
Cohort 3 with Zilliqa
A very well-designed course run by industry professionals, giving an exact mixture of theory & practice to learn the nitty gritty of blockchain development using one of the strongest upcoming platforms - Zilliqa. Highly recommended for beginners as well as practitioners to learn and master blockchain.
Devendra Punia
Cohort 3 with Zilliqa

Frequently asked questions

What is the course structure?

Our program is divided into two phases: 50 days of learning and 10 days of building your own project. During the learning phase, you'll receive expert guidance and support as you explore topics in blockchain.

In the building phase, you'll have the opportunity to apply what you've learned and create your own project from scratch, which will be showcased to a panel of judges on Demo Day. The top projects will receive grants to further develop their ideas.

Our program is designed to be a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience that prepares you to launch your own successful crypto startup. With expert instructors, mentorship opportunities, and the chance to showcase your work to a panel of judges, you'll have everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

Is it an online or offline course?

Our program offers a flexible online learning experience that combines self-paced modules with expert sessions led by industry professionals. You'll have the opportunity to learn at your own pace while still receiving guidance and support from our team of experienced trainers. In addition to regular expert sessions, we also offer doubt sessions where you can ask questions and get feedback on your progress.

What is the time commitment required every day?

To get the most out of our program, we recommend committing 2-3 hours every day to complete the self-paced modules and participate in the expert sessions. This will allow you to stay on track with the program and make steady progress toward building your own project.

Will a certificate be provided at the end of the program?

At the successful completion of our program, we provide a certificate to all candidates as a recognition of their hard work and achievement. This certificate can serve as a valuable addition to your resume and demonstrate your expertise in the field of blockchain.

What are the opportunities after the course?

There are many opportunities for the participants. First and foremost is getting hired as a blockchain developer. We have partnered with numerous companies who will be looking at hiring post the program is finished. Also, if the participants want to work on their own ideas and kick-start their entrepreneurial journey they can apply for grants and we will support them in their journey.

One can get hired as a blockchain developer. You can also kickstart your entrepreneurial journeys, taking forward with the projects that you made.

Who will own the IP of the project?

The participant or team working on the project will own the IP of that project.

This course seems good for beginners. I have been in this space for some time. Why should I join?

Joining the course can still be beneficial as it can provide you with a structured learning path and help fill in any knowledge gaps you may have. Additionally, the opportunity to build your own project and showcase it to judges can help you gain recognition and potentially lead to new opportunities in the field.

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